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It’s too early for this bullshit

I am sorry lady, nobody cares that your sister was sick and missed your 15th birthday.

Why can’t real life have a mute button? Or a blacklist like tumblr? Because I would be all over that














#CommonCore This is how the Government gets the unemployment rate.


Society towards bisexuals



The biggest newspaper in Minnesota ran this ad in its Sunday edition.

It was placed by the anti-LGBT Minnesota Child Protection League in response to a proposed policy that would allow trans high school athletes to play on teams that correspond with their gender identity.

It reads: “A male wants to shower beside your 14-year-old daughter. Are YOU ok with that?” In a full-page ad.  

This is the Minnesota Star Tribune. Cancel your subscription. Call them out on Twitter. Raise hell.

this is disgusting

Ten Video Games That Will Always Stay With Me - tagged by pocketcucco

RULES: Don’t take more than a few minutes. Don’t think too hard. They don’t have to be great works of the gaming industry, just games that have affected you in a positive way. Then tag some friends including me so I can see your list.

  1. Golden Sun: Probably the first RPG game I’ve ever played, I remember begging my mom to let me stay up past my bedtime because I was in the middle of the final boss and couldn’t save. I loved the whole elements related to astronomy part of the game. 
  2. Kingdom Hearts 2: I know I was still in middle school when I got this game, my dad brought me to GameStop to pick it up, and even bought me the strategy guide. I think this was the game my sister threw at me from across the hall, but I cannot be sure.
  3. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: I remember this game from my childhood, back when my brother and his friends would come over and play Zelda, Mario Kart, and Super Mario 64. I got nightmares from the Shadow Temple, even though the Forest Temple had the creepiest music out of the entire game.
  4. Star Ocean: Till the End of Time: Another game that my brother played way before I did. I remember he had the strategy guide, and I would sit in a chair and direct him through the labyrinth at the end of the game, because it was too complicated with so many different pages just to cover this one area.
  5. Dragon Age 2: What do you mean I can have homo characters in relationships beating up dragons?! Literally, I normally don’t support EA that much, seeing as I am the last person to ever pick up a sport game in my life, but Dragon Age is the one saving grace for EA (in my opinion). This game was the second one of the series I played, but I bought my own PS3, just so I can play this game.
  6. Pokemon X: THIS GAME! Words cannot express what this game has done in my life, it brought me to pretty much everyone I tagged below. I never would’ve guessed that an innocent game like this would be able to influence my life in such a profound way.
  7. Final Fantasy X-2: Seeing as this is the only Final Fantasy game on my list, I knew it had to be this one. I got this game first from my aunt, who is a HUGE video game collector, she’s got an entire room decked out! I loved the fact that the three protagonists were all females, and I loved the dressphere system, so much so that I would grind for hours just to max them out.
  8. Elite Beat Agents: Music, check. Rhythm game, check. Insanity, check. EBA was the first rhythm game I played that wasn’t DDR or Stepmania. I thought the characters were over the top, and the settings of each mission were absurd, but I remember getting this game for Christmas and never touching the rest of my presents for the rest of the day. 
  9. Kingdom Hearts:  The first in a long franchise of games (most of which I own). I fell in love with this game back when I was living in Oregon, so much so that I almost stole it from my brother’s friend because I wanted it that much.
  10. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days & The World Ends With You:  These games legit makes me cry. Probably the only video games that can get me bawling with just one song from the ending. Both of these games touch on deep topics, and I would recommend everyone to at least play The World Ends with You at least once in their lives.

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